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Willam Barney Tuten II, or Willie as we all know him, was born and raised in Hampton County. He is the son of Barney and Leah Tuten, and he has 2 smart and talented teenage children himself, Lindsay, who is going off to college this year, and Will, who is in high school.

The Tuten family have been farming, plantation owning, grocery business owners for as long as anyone can remember. Willie has run the Meat Market at the Sooper Dooper for decades, and after his parents Barney and Leah Tuten decided to retire from and close the Sooper Dooper, Willie Tuten was inspired to restart the business as a Specialty Butcher Shop called Tuten’s Fresh Market: Meat and Seafood. They focus on providing a level of excellence in the preparation, cutting, and purveying of the best meat, freshest seafood and locally farmed produce that you can find anywhere.

Think about it! Would you go to the dentist to get a knee x-ray done, or a podiatrist to get your heart looked at. I mean they have x-ray machines at the dentist, and heart monitors at the podiatrist, but thats not their specialty so that really don’t know that much about it. So don’t go to a pharmacy to buy meat or a or a convenience store to buy produce. Sure they may have it but, but you might end up buy peaches that came from Chile or Seafood that came from Egypt. If you think about buying local not only is the food that you eat better for you, but  it supports your neighbors, its better for the environment, and its better for your community.